Demeter's pH meter is used to measure the pH value of water and wet soil used for aqua-culture as well for agriculture. It is a speedy device that accurately gives the measure of acidity and alkalinity.


Demeter's pH meter enable the users to monitor the pH levels to ensure an ideal pH is maintained.

It is a most reliable and accurate pH meter that uses sensors to send pH value measure obtained from soil or water sample to cloud. Then automatic alert is sent to the user through mobile app, by retrieving the information from cloud.

With this reliable pH meter from Demeter, the health of aqua-animals can be maintained in aqua-culture by knowing the exact pH level to be maintained which results in good amount of revenue.

Also Demeter's pH meter, helps the farmer to identify the pH levels in water & soil along with the measure of pH levels of leaves, so that the health of plants can be maintained which results in good amount of outcome.

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