Dissolved oxygen

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Kit is used to measure dissolved oxygen in water ,to reflect the Water quality. Aquatic organisms survive only when there is a good water quality and knowing the amount of dissolved oxygen is one of the most important parameters to reflect water quality.


Demeter's DO Sensor Kit has a sensor linked to a microcontroller. Whenever you place this kit in water sample, this sensor reads the value and sends it to the Cloud. The information thus captured is sent as an alert message using a mobile app by retrieving the information from Cloud. The alert message is sent as per user convenience either through SMS or What's app message.

The most exciting feature of this DO Sensor kit is , the ability to turn on the aeration system automatically when the amount of DO levels are too low. This process of automatically turning on the aerated system and turning off the system after desired amount of DO levels are reached, saves energy costs and also reduces manual intervention.

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